Prime Time Premier

Primetime Premier Productions is an Atlanta-based video production company operating across numerous media outlets. We create vibrant video broadcast production for live events, corporate events, concerts, music videos/promotional videos, and e-Learning Development.

Primetime Premier Productions understands that the production and promotion of your brand is as important as the product itself. Video production is one of the best appealing and most reliable ways presented to build your brand, film your event, and has a larger reach than natural media.

We creatively film, promote, and market the clients/audiences on behalf of your needs. Our writers, directors, producers, and editors draw on their versatile experiences in production, creative advertising, music, social media, and journalism to create projects that connect with audiences. A great video will give you a larger reach, better interaction, and most importantly, a better reaction. It’s engaging, easily shared, easily customized, and unforgettable.

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