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Modern solutions for modern problems. Hands-on training is effective but time-consuming and costly. A worker who is well versed in a task may not be very attentive or effective at training your staff. A well-trained employee could be better utilized working on another task. Non-engaging training videos are a thing of the past, thanks to advancements in technology. Train your staff more effectively in a fraction of the time. Primetime Premier Productions is here to help! Train large numbers of staff with one solution!
• Save time and business expenses
• Train large numbers of staff
• Get quicker results
• Trains 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
• One-time investment
• Increase productivity
Gauge Trainee Attention to Training


Digitally monitor how long the trainee takes to skip past the screen. Are they reading the material or just trying to skip past the screen as fast as possible? Can the trainee follow simple instructions, or do they try to find short cuts? An employee who rushes or does not follow protocol can cost your company millions later down the road. Trainee user data is available for review once the training session is finished.
• Screen for low-quality staff
• Filter future risks today
• Reliable assessments
• Easy for trainees and reviewers
• Low learning curve
• Rate trainees discretely
Grade Trainee Success Rate


Trainees are not just watching a boring video. They are actually being trained and graded on their knowledge retention. Trainees are given an exam that they must pass. Set a maximum number of attempts. Set a minimum passing score. How many attempts it took and how well they did is open for review once the training session has finished.
• Reliably grade trainees
• Set and review the maximum number of attempts
• Review trainee data from anywhere in the world
• Set minimum percentage passing score
• See trainee passing percentage
Increase Trainee Attention Rate


Videos are effective at grabbing attention as long as they are not linear. Get training results with a blended training style. It is much easier to retain important knowledge in small pieces rather than an overwhelming chunk. Short videos mixed with some light reading and clear testing is far more engaging.
• Quality training
• Blended learning
• Increase employee knowledge retention
• Increase overall staff productivity
• Scale training