E-learning Development

Solve Training Issues Faster

Our overall goal is to help you develop a curriculum that clearly communicates to your target audience using the latest technology and easy-to-understand methodologies. 

There are numerous reasons to creating an online training platform for your employees. Whether it is getting a new set of employees up to code for company policies and procedures or creating a space for your unique training program, Primetime Premier Productions LLC is here to guide and develop your fully integrated eLearning system.

Our team will put together a quality experience that meets the standards of your industry, company size, program maturity, training assessment, and regulations that will deliver critical reporting, so you stay inside your compliance needs.

Easy to Scale Training

Our eLearning development tools are designed to engage your learners across different platforms, areas of expertise, and locations. We want to build a program that positively impacts your learners while maintaining the milestones they need, regardless of your potential audience’s size, age, or experience.

Custom Designed Programs

Our developers are more than ready to address the unique needs of your particular industry and learning situation. We have direct experience building custom eLearning solutions and are committed to seamless onboarding into your business structure.

Dedicated Service Staff

Primetime Premier Productions LLC is based in Georgia and fosters the true sense of understanding our client’s needs from our professional support staff. We want to make sure you are fully prepared to utilize your custom eLearning system. We will work closely with your team to answer their questions and meet their individual concerns throughout and after the process.

Experienced Team

We have spent years perfecting and growing our client base through hard work and excellent customer service. As a result, our clients keep coming back because they trust the experience of our team to deliver the quality eLearning products they require.

Wide Array of Interests

eLearning isn’t just for schools and internal staffing. We understand your industry is unique and has different needs compared to more traditional learning solutions. We have experience working in industries like:

  • Public Sector & Utilities
  • Finance and Banking
  • Retail
  • Restaurant and Service
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Many, many more

What does an eLearning Development Solution Look Like?

At Primetime Premier Productions LLC, we cater to the needs of your organization and individual business. There are many benefits to developing your own eLearning system. Some of the more common benefits include:


We offer modern solutions for modern problems. We understand how expensive and time-consuming hands-on training can be for any company. An employee who is well versed in a task may not be as attentive or effective at training your staff. A well-trained employee could be better utilized working on another job. Boring or out-of-date videos are a thing of the past, thanks to advancements in technology. Our team will develop an eLearning system that will keep your staff engaged and ready to perform in a fraction of the time of traditional education.

• Save time and lower business expenses
• Train large numbers of staff from one resource
• Get quicker results
• Available training 24/7, 365 days a year
• One-time investment to lower costs


Digitally monitor how long the trainee takes to skip past the screen. Are they reading the material or just trying to skip past the screen as fast as possible? Can the trainee follow simple instructions, or do they try to find shortcuts? An employee who rushes or does not follow protocol can cost your company millions later down the road. Trainee user data is available for review once the training session is finished so you can evaluate their potential use to your company.

• Screen for low-quality staff
• Filter future risks
• Reliable assessment tools
• Rate trainees discretely


Every industry and company has different ethical and compliance needs. We are here to help develop a program that meets those needs without interrupting your normal business operations. Some of the more common requests include training in:

• Screen for low-quality staff
• Filter future risks
• Reliable assessment tools
• Rate trainees discretely


Trainees are not just watching a boring video. They are actually being trained and graded on their knowledge retention. Trainees are given an exam that they must pass. You will be able to set a maximum number of attempts, a passing score and receive a full review of their progress. You must clearly see the results of your eLearning program so you can better adjust and adapt to your learners.

• Reliably grade trainees
• Review trainee data from anywhere in the world
• See trainee passing percentage
• Increase Trainee Attention Rate
• Identify risks or holes in your system


Videos are designed to grab your learner’s attention as long as they are not linear. You’ll get better educational results through a blended training style. It is much easier to retain important knowledge in small pieces rather than an overwhelming chunk. Short videos are mixed with some light reading and clear testing that encourages higher retention rates.

• Quality training
• Blended learning
• Increase employee knowledge retention
• Increase overall staff productivity
• Scale training

What Will You Get?

The exact eLearning package will depend on your specific requests. In general, you can expect to get a customized learning management system built for your particular industry. We will include measurement and analytical tools to ensure your product is performing well and your learners get the whole experience you desire.
We are happy to work within your certification and disclosure needs as well. Our eLearning Development can be efficiently designed to handle the unique requirements of your industry. We want to create a customized workflow that is easy to administer and operate as fully automated as possible so you can focus on other areas of your business.