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Atlanta’s Video Production Specialists

Primetime Premier Productions, LLC is an experienced video production company creating vibrant broadcast media in and around the Atlanta, GA area to support your individualized brand. We understand the value of captivating messages and brand identity while telling a story that engages your target viewers. Primetime Premier Productions specializes in video production for live events, corporate events, concerts, music videos/promotional videos, and eLearning Development. We also offer award-winning DJ entertainment and hosting.

Video production is the market leader when growing your audience and reliably building your brand, filming your event, or having a more extensive reach than natural media. We creatively film, promote, and market to your audiences on behalf of your needs. Our writers, directors, producers, and editors draw on their versatile experiences in production, creative advertising, music, social media, and journalism to create projects that connect with audiences.

A great video will give you a larger reach, better interaction, and, most importantly, a better reaction. It’s engaging, easily shared, easily customized, and unforgettable.

Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality, affordable video production that serves the individual needs of your brand and agencies nationwide.


Our experienced team of sound engineers will clean your audio and remove unwanted pauses, placeholders, mistakes, and dead air. In addition, we work closely with your brand to improve your messages, so you get a quality script to build your viewership.



Our versatile and experienced digital editors focus your media messaging by integrating engaging graphics, appropriate music/effects, and sequential image storytelling into your production.


We are dedicated to creating outstanding video production work across all markets. Our experienced team is ready for your next media event.


We partner with only the best photographers experienced at capturing timeless moments meant to intoxicate the viewer and tell a story.


Our professional team will work with your individual needs to create a time-saving, cost-effective solution for teaching your subject matter via modern media and online platforms.



We are known for high-energy and interactive performances all over Atlanta, GA. We strive to provide an upbeat environment to help our clients make unforgettable memories to last a lifetime. Our DJs are perfect for weddings, parties, corporate events, proms, school and sporting events.